Forging Ahead: Kanpur Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited, is engaged in Urea manufacturing at its Plant located at "CEEKAY Estate", Panki Industial Area, Kanpur. The Unit under Duncun Industries Ltd. Locked out since 2002 except for a short period, had lost all hipes of it revival. In 2010, It was the sheer determination and iron will of the top management lead by Hon. Executitve Chairman and commitment of team of professionals deployed for the job that unit could be made operation agaist various odds in a record time.A closed plant for so long and made operational & viable is a unique feat in industial history.

A Tribute to Nation: Today, we take the pride in successful revival and sustained operation of the Unit, which is making a difference to the life of Emplopees and to various people & agencies associated with it. This is increasingly helping in business environment of the local market and state as a whole. Urea is now readily available to the ever starving farmers in UP and Bihar.

Trusted Brand: Urea, a Nitrogenous fertilizer, produced at this plant has been traditionally preferred by the farmers and is popular under brand name "Chand Chaap Urea".

A Technical Feat: The 1969 vintage plant was originally designed and operated by ICI UK. The plants have been revamped using current technology and changeover of feedstock from Naphtha to Natural Gas with help of world renound consultants "CASALE SA" Switzerland. Unit has three streams each having a production capacity of 750 Tons Per Day, amounting to total capacity of 7,22000 MT per year. The Company has achieved a unique distinction of revival of a closed lage scale complex chemical plant after12 years of closure and achieved 100% capacity utilization, Realising that the margin was low, many innovative modifications were executed to deliver ever best energy norms in as record time.

It gives us utmost satification that the team deployed here has effectively carried out many modifications and modernization projects to address variety of issues in line with current industial trends and of national interest, e.g. improvement in product quality, reduction in energy consumption and reduced generation of pollutants.

Protection to Environment: At KFCL, adherence to environment norms is of paramount interest. During our plant revival schemes, all equipment related to pollution control were refurbished or augmented in a manner to ensure all statutory compliances.

Over the years, the environment protection has been gaining increasingly importance and the company has shown total commitment on this line. /tge commitment is evident from the fact that KFCL has instaled and commissioned effluant treatment plants like HSU, ETP, ESP and STP along with many other measures to control the pollutant at its root level of generation and control it in an efficent manner.We have installed effluent, stack and ambient air monitoring system as stipulated by cerntral pollution control board and UP pollution control board to achieve all compliance norms.